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crooked house sopotCrooked house

Crooked house is an unusual shaped building ,  little taste of Barcelona in Sopot. Located on Heroes of Monte Cassino street quickly became signature of the city and popular tourist attraction. Inspired by drawings of famous polish artist Jan Szancer and architectural drawings of catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Inside many  great restaurants  for the day and clubs to party till it’s time to eat breakfast again.

Bohaterów Monte Cassino Sopot(Monciak)walking street

One the most popular walking streets in Poland with tens of clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants along the way. Feel the breeze of Baltic sea on a lovely walk with family during the day and enjoy wild parties at night. Street that never sleeps.

Spatif SopotKlub Spatif

Signature club for Sopot,  established in 50s at first as meeting club for artists. Quickly become known in area for wild endless parties, soon after became open for public. Keeps its crazy reputation till today.

Boardwalk Molo in SopotMolo

200 year old boardwalk a mandatory stop on your trip to Sopot. Breath in the breeze of baltics sea and admire  Tricity from little different perspective.

Eclectic Mansion in SopotUptown Sopot

Forested area, with little hidden squares, old cobble stone streets and gems of Sopot architecture. Put away the map and get lost in little romantic streets of Uptown Sopot.

Hipodrom Sopot Horse RacingHipodrom

Horse racing arena with cultural events and horse races going back to early XX century. If it’s you lucky day win big to pay for your trip in Sopot, or go home with great memories, win win situation.

1911 cafe & restaurant

Inside century old building, few steps away from beautiful baltic sea, chef Kaminski created restaurant for people passionate about modern take on polish cousine and regional produce and flavours. 1911 is an amazing culinary universe.

Pizzeria Stefano SopotStefano’s Pizzeria

Small local restaurant established in 2007 for people passionate about taste of traditional Italian pizza. Inside inconspicuous building on the outskirts of Sopot, you’ll find taste of Naples on your plate. Family business, where passion for great food became way of life.



Gdynia's aquariumGdynia’s Aquarium

Get familiar with residents of Baltic sea.

Experiment center in GdyniaExperiment Center

Who said science and learning needs to be hard and boring. Experience science with all the senses at Experiment Center in Gdynia.

ZOO in OliwaZOO

On the outskirts of the city, located in center of Tricity Provincial Park. Great place for picnic with the family.

Kościuszki Sqaure Dar Młodzieży Sailship Kościuszki Sqaure

Beautiful sea side walking street where you can admire biggest wooden sail ships of Europe.

Tricity Bicycle TrailsTricity Bicycle Trails

Tired of sitting in the car. Rent a bicycle. Tricity bike trails connect every part of the city. Look at the city from little different perspective and burn off some of those famous polish donuts(pączki)

Oldtown GdanskOld Town Gdansk

Nearly 100 significant historical buildings, a week wouldn’t be enough to get to know this 1000 year old city, But if you only here for a day don’t miss out on those architectural gems: Artus Court, Oliwa Cathedral, The Great Armoury, Upper Gate, Golden Gate, The Crane. Walk at night is highly recommended, lights bring a very different look to those majestic buildings.

Pierogarnia Mandu GdanskPierogarnia Mandu

Polish cuisine is famous for their pierogies, beautiful handmade dumplings stuffed with selection of: meets, fruits or vegetable. There’s no better place to taste that decadent food than Pierogarnia Mandu in Old Town Gdansk.

Tłusta Kaczka GdyniaFat Duck

Fat Duck is an amazing restaurant in city of Gdynia, offering mostly elevated to Michelin stars level polish cousine. Smell of freshly baked bread mixed with aromas of old traditional herbs, house made mulled wine will satisfy even the pickiest foodie. Mix of old and new at its best.